November 29, 2015

Kale chips

I’ve been thinking about making kale chips for a while now; it was one of those things I thought would be too complex. Normally, I use kale in a smoothie or a salad but I can never get through a whole bunch without it going yellow.

Recently, I’ve had a go at making kale chips. It’s actually not that difficult, but it’s just very delicate. You need to have the right temperature and time setting. Otherwise, you end up with burnt or soggy chips (like I did for the first few times!)

I’ve adapted this recipe from some recipe sites and personal experience 🙂
Recipe is as follows-

1 kale bunch
Cayenne pepper
Lemon pepper
Sea salt
4 Tb Extra Virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 150 (fan-forced)
Remove stems from kale and tear leaves into bite sized pieces)
Wash kale thoroughly
Dry kale with a salad spinner (this step is important!)
In a bowl, mix olive oil and herbs/ spices (amount to your liking)
Line tray with baking paper
Using your fingers, massage oil and herbs into the kale leaves
Place chips on tray as a single layer
Bake for 7 mins and rotate, bake until edges are brown (total cooking time should be between 10-12 mins)
Cool on tray for 5 mins
Enjoy on its own or with a dip. I served mine with a homemade tzatziki 🙂

Handy tips
Make sure kale has been dried thoroughly. Otherwise, you’ll end up with soggy chips if water tends to steam out from the chips if there is too much of it.
Oil needs to be massaged well into leaves otherwise chips will not be crunchy.
Don’t overcrowd the tray, spread kale onto a single layer on a baking sheet for chips to be cooked well.