April 24, 2019

Gulgong, NSW

We visited Gulgong in February to celebrate our two year anniversary. We started off our day by making anniversary pancakes (pancakes are very close to our heart) and then to drove out to Gulgong. It took us much longer than we anticipated due to a stopover for lunch and unpaved road surfaces around Gulgong.

We chose Gulgong because we wanted to experience something different. Neither of us had have stayed in a rural place, and this was our first time travelling to the Mudgee region.

Where we stayed: Owl Head Lodge

This place was in the middle of nowhere. We both fell in love when we saw photos of vineyards and countryside views. We instantly knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to experience Australian outback. The accommodation was lovely and very well kept. The view of the outback was definitely the highlight.

Where we ate: Thai to You + Haldi Indian Restaurant

Gulgong is a mining town to its core. The buildings and streets are a well-preserved example of a late 19th century/ early 20th century architecture. It is also a very small town and doesn’t have many options for eating out. It was kind of good in a way as it made it easy for us to decide! The food at both places was pretty average, definitely wasn’t something you’d remember.

As this was a short weekend getaway, we didn’t have much time to explore. We mostly took photos outside out cottage and at Gulgong Pioneers Museum. We loved being able to walk the streets of this gold mining town and learn about the heritage. Visiting the museum was very much eye-opening as we were able to see items from 19th century which made us realise how tough life would have been back then without the technology we have today. It definitely helped us appreciate all the little things we take for granted today like having a washing machine, electrical appliances in the kitchen etc.

Overall, it was a very short but memorable trip. I’d definitely recommend Gulgong to anyone after a rural experience or a secluded getaway. We stopped at Blue Mountains on our way back to reminisce as that’s where we went for our first year anniversary.

A 19th century classroom
Blue Mountains
Gotta love the mountains