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Delicious and healthy party food ideas

SBS Food

Why you should also love the ‘other’ Mediterranean diet: healthy Middle Eastern cuisine

SBS Food

Who invented the Mediterranean diet – Greece, Italy, Lebanon or Syria?

SBS Food

How to have a healthy Diwali

20 Nutritious, delicious and healthy recipes: Raspberry Yoghurt Cheesecake

Butter vs. Margarine vs. Coconut Oil: What should choose?

Coach Nine

How vegetarians and vegans can make sure they’re getting complete proteins

Dietitians Australia

Smart eating recipes: Asparagus, french lentils with leftover beef

5 ways to gain a healthier gut

Radio interview with Dr Karl on BBC Five Live and ABC Perth: 13th April 2017

The French Secret to Beating Obesity

Are you bulking the right way?

Does my gut bacteria control my appetite?

Dietitians Australia

Smart eating recipes: Zucchini, carrot and feta slice

How to eat well when you’re time poor

6 reasons probiotics water is a post-workout must have

Healthlogix Magazine 2017

How to spring clean your kitchen and kick start your healthy habits

September 2017 (Page 62)

Post Magazine

September 2017 (Page 62)


Curry brings a community together

Men’s Muscle and Health Magazine

November/December edition 2017

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