October 20, 2015

(Un) Organised October

This month has gone by way too quick! (Okay, I know I said that last month too but this month went even quicker)

It started off with me madly writing my results, then doing discussion. Discussion took me about a week :/ I was rushing to finish my draft because I had to send it to my supervisor and leave enough time for feedback.

I allowed myself two weeks time (which I thought was too much, at the time!) But I was so glad I did this later because it can take a couple of days to get feedback as supervisors are too busy to read it in one go.

Anyway, now let me move onto the other fun things I did. Starting off with the most important highlight of the month: I WENT TO CENTRAL PERK!!!!

I was so bogged down with writing, I almost didn’t realise it was finishing and made it in the last weekday after handing in my draft.

I had to wait for about an hour but I would say the wait was worth it because I’m such a ‘friends’ obsessed freak. Getting my butt on that couch was just phenomenal!

I’ve never been much of a coffee person but you simply don’t say no to coffee at Central Perk haha! As you can see, I tried as a hand model :P

Oh, and speaking of which, I did modelling for an old friend. I wasn’t sure if it was the best idea to be doing this at a time when my thesis was due just around the corner after but sometimes you just gotta take risks haha.
I felt like I needed to take a break from writing because it does get intense sometimes. Besides, it was only for two weekends so it motivated me to work harder on the other days. 

It was a great experience and doing something different helped me clear my head. Plus, I got to eat yummy treats like these so that was an added bonus :P

Too pretty to eat right?

Matchy matchy 

The next thing I had coming up was dad’s birthday, this was right before my thesis was due so I made sure I allocated myself enough time to bake a cake and get organised. See recipe here because daddy’s birthday deserves a post of its own! :)

Soon after, it was time to hand in my thesis. The last few days wasn’t as hectic as I thought it would be (thankfully!) but it was still somewhat hectic. See post-thesis blog to see what I did after I finished ;)

I realise I haven’t taken a lot of photos this month. This was because I didn’t get a lot of time to make anything fancy or experiment anything new. Most of the times, I stuck to simple wholesome meals like these- 

Chicken, avo and leafy salad

Herb chicken and asparagus

Huge veggie mess (I just threw in whatever I had!)