July 9, 2019

Jammed June

This month has been one hell of a crazy month. I was very ambitious in setting my goals because I knew I would be taking some time off at the end of the month. My first task for the month was to finish writing up my intervention paper. I was hoping to have this ready by the first week of June but I didn’t get around to finishing until 15th June.

The other big goal I had set for myself was to finish a draft of all my chapters by 28th June. It seemed like an impossible and never-ending task. My progress was very slow at the beginning which left me feeling very anxious. I was getting frustrated and there were times when I felt very low. After much self-battle, I told myself that I was going to stick to my original plan and prepare a draft. I knew it would not be the perfect version I imagined it to be but I just wanted to have something. I was wrong to think that the finale was going to be a smooth ride as I realised that the end game is going to be wilder than I imagined!

Happy to say, I managed to print out my draft on 28th June. I had the longest day ever (finished at 9 pm) but it was such a good feeling to see it in print. I know that the draft I have produced is far from perfect but I feel pretty excited knowing that it’s now a step closer to getting better. Now it’s time for me temporarily switch off as I part ways with my thesis. I’m off to Fiji to attend my friend’s destination wedding.

Overall, it was a very jam-packed month but I managed to accomplish all I wanted to before going away. I also had my exit seminar earlier this month which was a 25 min presentation. Putting together my presentation made me realise just how far I have come in the last 3.5 years. The end is so near yet so far! But at least I can now see light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are some of my June eats :)

Iftar fruit, veggie and nut platter
Last platter from Ramadan
Okra, broccoli and sweet potato stir-fry
Milk vermicelli with almond, sultana and pistachio
Carrot halwa
A berry-some toast
French toast with smashed raspberries
Prawn and seafood risotto with mushroom and spinach