February 7, 2018

Newcastle, Australia

We visited Newcastle during the Easter long weekend in April. We chose Newcastle because we hadn’t really planned anything properly to be travelling far distances. Also, two of my close friends grew up in Newcastle which has always made me want to visit this place after hearing stories from them :)

Since Newcastle is just over two hours over from Sydney, it was a trip we were able to wing without much planning. All we needed to do was find a hotel to book and drive off.

Trip duration: 2 days

Where we stayed: Noah’s On the Beach

Places visited:


The Brazilian BBQ at Meet was definitely my favourite food memory. I’m not a huge fan of BBQ places as they tend to lack in other options, particularly vegetables. But this place was absolutely wonderful, they are ever so vegetarian friendly and I was spoilt with so many choices! These pictures barely even show half of what we ate as most of it was brought to us gradually. They are equally as good with their meat. If you live anywhere near Newcastle, I highly recommend you check this out. But make sure you go there on an empty stomach as they only have a set menu to choose from and serviced buffet- you keep your cards up and stay in the game until you are full!

Quad biking at the Sand Dunes was another great experience as it was my first time quad biking. One of the challenges we faced was finding places that were open on an Easter Sunday. We eventually started calling up restaurants before driving over to them. I would highly recommend future travellers to take this into consideration. Other than that, nothing else can really go wrong with a trip down to Newcastle because it has beautiful beaches and pretty good food :) what more do you really need?

Smoked salmon fettuccine and steak

Brazilian feast at Meet

Brekkies are better with a flatlay :)

Roasted mushroom bruschetta

Fish Tacos

The naughty Ferrero Rocher shake