September 1, 2015

Bittersweet winter

Winter is officially over and spring is here! I know most of you are probably super excited but I’m a little sad winter is over. 


Yes, I’m one of those weird people that enjoy a good cold weather, contrary to what most people think about winter.
You might be wondering why!
Well, let me give you a few reasons and see if I can win you over 😛
Firstly, you could pretty much wear anything and get away with it as long as you wear a nice looking coat. You could be wearing the tee you wore last night under your classy coat and still end up looking good. Winter is so forgiving, you don’t have to worry about colour coordinating your outfits.
Same goes with shoes, you gotta decide between ballet flats or sandals or whatever else you wear. In winter, it’s so much easier because it’s too cold to wear anything else 😛
Just slip on some boots with any random socks you find and you’re good to go!


As you can see from this picture- I’m wearing fluro socks here but you wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told you 😛
I’m usually in a rush in the morning so I put minimum effort into getting ready.
Last but not least, winter is the only season where you can be cozy and snug and enjoy a  good sleep in! Of course, that makes it harder to leave your bed every morning but that’s another story 😛
Yes, I’m a winter freak, but I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed winter if I lived in countries where you get actual winter like snow or temperature in the minuses. I do love winter but my skin doesn’t like it unfortunately 🙁 I tend to get dry itchy hands/ feet which can become quite irritating at times. This year wasn’t as bad coz someone recommended this Crabtree and Evelyn cream. At first, I was reluctant to try because I’m not much of a health beauty product person but this one’s definitely worth the price! This set includes- 2 body lotion, 2 hand therapy and 1 hand recovery.