September 22, 2015

High tea – planning


Last Sunday, two of my good friends and I held a fundraising high tea party. We started planning for this way back in July. During our first meeting, we had a brief discussion over what organisation we should fundraise for. We were thinking of doing Cancer Council because the proposed date we had for high tea would be around Daffodil day. But in the end, we decided to go for one close to women. We picked National Breast Cancer Foundation because all of us had a personal experience knowing someone who has suffered or died from breast cancer.

Next thing we had to decide was the menu, we each discussed items that we could contribute. We wrote ourselves a shopping list and a brief plan of when to bake what.

We had our high tea on a Sunday afternoon so we planned that we would do shopping on the Monday, start baking from Thursday. We wanted to allow ourselves plenty of time because we were going to try some experimental desserts and we knew that these would take time and may not work.

At this stage, we weren’t sure of how many people would be coming so we kept our menu fairly small and manageable. It was going to be at my friend’s house so we had plans to invite our friends and family members.

Messy kitchen after we got home from shopping

We registered with the organisation and we knew they would be sending us volunteer pack which includes posters and donation boxes. We were going to host the high tea at my friend’s backyard so we discussed decorations we could put outside, table arrangements and tea pots and cups (most important part of high tea!)

Because we were fundraising for breast cancer, we went with a pink theme. We planned to get flowers (something pink). We also had plans to print a formal menu and do description tags but unfortunately ran out of time to do this.

Decorations were done by a friend on Saturday but unfortunately it rained on the day so we were unable to use the outdoor space like we had planned to! 🙁


It’s prep time!
Some sneak peek shots of our baking 😉 

We made a crazy load of mess (needless to say!), some things worked well and other things didn’t but this is where we truly made history through our kitchen mayhem! It was beautiful chaos, now that I think about it. 

Presenting the biggest batch of chocolate brownies I have ever made!


There is a lot going on here- multitasking at its best!


Baking after dinner on Saturday night- Sun-dried tomatoes, olive and polenta muffins