August 6, 2021

Vegetarian pasta with mushroom and capsicum

Vegetarian pasta with mushroom and capsicum (serves 4)


350g Penne pasta 

400g mushrooms 

75g tomato paste  

2 capsicum 

4 garlic cloves  


3 chilli  (optional) 

40 g Parmesan cheese 

A handful of baby spinach 

150 g baby capsicum (optional)



1) boil pasta according to packet instructions. Drain and keep aside 

2) heat EVOO on a frypan 

3) add garlic and cook until brown 

4) add sliced mushrooms

5) once mushrooms are soft, add diced capsicum 

6) add tomato paste and chilli 

7) add boiled pasta and stir thoroughly

8) sprinkle parmesan cheese 

9) add baby spinach. Cover with lid to allow it wilt slightly

10) serve with baby capsicum